Research Lines

Environmental Sciences

Ecology and Conservation

sw2.originalThe research team develops scientific research projects on the ecology and dynamics of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Macau and nearby regions, which are important in the establishment of conservation strategies for the existing ecosystems. Emphasis is given on current ecological and conservation issues in the area, encouraging students and community participation as well as cooperation with non-profit organizations and local government institutions.

Biological Sciences

Animal Behavior and Neurobiology

betta with fryThis research line focuses on social behavior, communication, and neural plasticity underlying behvavioral traits in animals. Special emphasis is given to understanding mechanisms that allow for animals to adjust their behavior to changing conditions of the social environment (behavioral plasticity) and to mechanisms and functions of animal communication.


Earth Sciences

Petrology and geochemistry of Macao granitic rocks

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The main goals of this research are: to do the cartography of Macau granitic rocks; to characterize the petrology and geochemistry of Macau granites using elemental and isotopic analyses in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the source and processes of magma genesis and evolution; to contribute to a deeper understanding of the South China tectono-magmatic evolution. See Geology of Macau for more information.

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of deep-sea hydrothermal or deposits

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The main goals of this research are: to understand the contribution of mafic and ultramafic rocks on the deposition of hydrothermal ore deposits; to contribute with the development of tools for the detection of SMS deposits either active and discrete, diffuse and inactive; to contribute for the geochemical and mineralogical characterization of deep-seafloor deposits both on active and discrete hydrothermal; to understand the role of  sub-seafloor ore-forming hydrothermal systems on the preservation of sulphide minerals. 

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