FDCT funded projects

2018-2021. SWIMAR - The role of ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal systems in the formation of seafloor deposits: comparison between SWIR and MAR fields/ 超基性岩系海底熱泉系統於海床熱液礦床扮演之角色:以 SWIR 及 MAR 熱泉系統相互比較為例FDCT 0002/2018/A1. Research Team: Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias (PI), Chunhui Tao (team member), Fernando Barriga (consultant).

2016-2019. ZEBRASONIC- Listening to the Environment: Importance of Early Acoustic Experience on Development and Hearing in Zebrafish/ 聆听环境:斑马鱼早期听力及发育的声学体验重要性. FDCT 036/2015/A1. Research Team: Raquel O. Vasconcelos (PI), Andrew Bass (team member), Simon Ming-Yuen Lee (consultant), Paulo J. Fonseca (consultant), David Goncalves (consultant).

2015-2018. The Role of Mangroves on the Bioaccumulation and Citogenotoxic Effects of Heavy Metals and Pesticides on the Food Web of a Tropical Coastal System/紅樹林對亞熱帶海岸系統食物鏈金屬的富集和細胞基因毒牲的影響及殺蟲劑的角色. FDCT 117/2014/A3. Research Team: Chan Shek Kiu (PI), Karen Arano-Tagulao (co-PI), Nora Tam (Team Member), Eduardo Rocha (Team Member), Patricia Teixeira Cardoso (Consultant). More info.

2015-2018. MagIC- Petrology and Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks from Macao: Implications for the Crustal Evolution of Southern China / 澳门火成岩之岩石学与地球化学—对华南地壳演化的影响). FDCT 043/2014/A1. Research Team: Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias (PI), João Manuel Lima da Silva Mata (team member), Gao Xin-Yu (team member) and Maria Luísa Duarte (Consultant). More info.

2014-2017. DISRUPT-Environmental Endocrine Disruptors: Current Situation in Macao, Neurobehavioral Effects and Bioremediation Strategies. FDCT 011/2014/A1. Research Team: David Gonçalves (PI), Peng Xianzhi (team member), Paula Castro (team member), Qiu Jian‐Wen (team member), Chris Wong (team member). More info.

2012-2015. Behavioral plasticity meets neuroplasticity: brain neurogenesis in the polymorphic fish Salaria pavoFDCT 012/2012/A1. Research Team: David Gonçalves (PI), Rui Oliveira (team member), Pedro Vieira (Ph.D. student), Freda Lam (lab technician). More info.

2012-2015. Development of Auditory Processing and Vocal Motor Control. FDCT 019/2012/A1. Research Team: Raquel O. Vasconcelos (PI), Patricia Chaves (M.Sc. student) and Ciara Valdoria (Research Assistant). More info.

2013-2015. Bringing Science to Schools in Macao: From Genes to Environment. FDCT 040/2013/P. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI). More info.

2010-2012. DNA Technology Workshops for Secondary School Students. FDCT 028/2010/P. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI), Mak A (team member). More info.

2010-2012. Inventory and assessment of the marine flora of Macau. FDCT 028/2010/A. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI),  PO Ang PO (Co-PI), S Wong (Research Assistant), K Kam (Research Assistant). More info.



Macao Foundation funded projects

2017, Mar. Workshop on the Mesozoic Magmatism of Macao and Hong Kong in the Context of SE China Geodynamics. Macao Foundation MF/2016/08. Coordinators: Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias

2013-2014. Macau Biodiversity. Macao Foundation. Coordinators: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI), David Gonçalves. More info (external link). 

2015, May. The Earth’s Last Frontier - Mysteries of the Deep Sea. Macao Foundation. Coordinators: Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias. More info (external link).


Collaboration in other projects

2018-2019. InterRidge WG – Working Group on Seafloor Massive Sulfides along Mid-Ocean Ridges. InterRidge Working Groups program.Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias (Team Member).

2014-2018. BLUE MINING – Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Exploration and Extraction of Deep Sea Mineral Resources. CORDIS program, EU Research FP7 Projects, European Science Foundation EUROCORES projects. Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias (Team Member). More info.

2008-2011. H2DEEP – Ultraslow spreading and hydrogen based deep biosphere. EuroMARC, European Science Foundation EUROCORES projects. + FCT projects. Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias (Team Member).


Education and science promotion projects

Colaboration with "Kit do Mar" project from EMEPC

2015 May: WORKSHOPS KIT do MAR in Schools of Macau. Coordinator: Ágata S. Alveirinho Dias. Team: Raquel Costa, Fernanda Silva and Patrícia Conceição