Research Facilities

Animal Facility

  Zebrafish stand alone housing system (Chung Fu Tech. Develop. Co.)

Molecular Biology and Neuroscience


Electrophysiology and Acoustics

  • Audiology booth 120a3 (IAC Acoustics)
  • Auditory workstation (Tucker-Davis Technologies):
    RZ6 Auditory Processor, RA 4-PA Medusa PreAmp, RA4Li Low Impedance Headstage, BioSigRZ
  • Amplifier 5A (Geting instruments)
  • Band-pass filter SR650 (Stanford Reserach Systems)
  • Lock-in amplifier SR830 (Stanford Research System)
  • Anti-vibration table 9100 (Kinetic Systems)
  • Micropippete Puller P-1000 (Sutter Instruments)
  • Underwater recording system: 8104 hydrophones, 2692 amplifier, 2250 sound analyzer (Bruel & Kjaer)

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Petrographic and mineralogical analysis

High quality petrographic microscopes and stereo Microscopes with image analysis workstation 

  • Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM)
  • Transmitted and reflected light
  • Attached digital cameras for digital image capture
  • Computers with Leica Microsystems’ software for petrographic analysis

Rock, soil and mineral preparation and analysis

Crushing equipment is manly used for the preparation of whole rock powders for geochemical analises.

Crushing equipment is manly use for the preparation of whole rock powders for geochemical analises

Chemical analyses

  • AAS – Atomic absorption spectrometers 
  • GC – Ion and Gas chromatographs





 General Equipment and software

  • ArcGis and ArcPad software
  • GPS units with integrated topographic map software
  • IgPet – igneous petrology software
  • Field work equipment
  • Nature Observation equipment